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Logan Lerman in The Block Magazine Pictures and Interview

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It's hard to tell if actor Logan Lerman is terribly press shy, or simply doesn't give a shit. Our guess is a little of both, somewhere along the tenuous line between polite and punk. Granted, it's difficult to grasp the essence of a person during a 20-minute phone chat - on his end, from the back seat of a New York taxi - but the young actor is a hard nut to crack. His answers to questions are brief, sometimes nothing more than "Mmhmm." It's frustrating and admirable in equal measures. Maybe it's a manner the Beverly Hills-born actor has learned from entering the industry as a four-year-old in commercials before going into movies like Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief in his teens. Lerman may only be 20, but he is clearly an expert in the trappings of the business. And now, as the star of the high-anticipated adaptation of Stephen Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower with Emma Watson and Ezra Miller (the author of which, thankfully, wrote the screenplay and directed), plus big roles forthcoming in Darren Aronofsky's Noah and Josh Boone's Stuck In Love, there is no doubt that Logan has acting chops. He just does not care to elaborate on it all that much.</center>

The Block: Hello Logan, it's Labor Day. How did you spend your last weekend of summer?
Logan: Oh, this is the last weekend of summer? I didn't realize. I was doing some publicity work for Perks, you know, starting all that... craziness. We had a screening in the Hamptons at the home of Donna Karan, and I was there, and all that fun stuff.
TB: Perks is such a beloved story. What brought you to the project?
Logan: I just got the script and was familiar with the title. It was a popular book in my high school.
TB: Had you read it?
Logan: No, no, I had only heard about it. I had friends that really loved it, they were always talking about it, but I had never read it in high school. I read the script and loved it and was really drawn to Stephen's writing. I fell in love with the book after that - so it was sort of a reverse process.
TB: Did you chemistry test with Ezra and Emma for the role?
Logan: No no, not at all. We were all cast separately and then met in Pittsburgh and got on really well.
TB: What did you like about working with them both?
Logan: Oh, Emma is incredibly talented, intelligent, a genuine, kind person. It's a great combination. These things make it really nice to collaborate with her. And working with Ezra is so much fun. We became really tight through the whole process. He's just so freaking talented that we had a blast working together, playing off each other and finding our characters.

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