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Jorge Garcia talks ‘Once Upon a Time’ role, reveals that the Giant will return

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In the Once Upon a Time episode “Tallahassee,” Garcia will be guest starring as the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk, reuniting with the Lost writing duo Ed Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

Speaking to HitFix about the role, Garcia reveals that Kitsis and Horowitz were always the “keepers” of the Hurley storylines on Lost, and says that his coming to Once Upon a Time has been a long time in the making. “I wasn’t available last year because I was working on another show, but they pitched the giant story this year and they gave me a little bit of background about his origin,” Garcia explains (and we’d love to know what character they originally wanted him to play!).

He also reveals that he will be returning to the show for more episodes, although he doesn’t say whether it’ll be in flashbacks or in the current timeline. He does say that his backstory, “will be something to do in a later story.”

As for when he’ll return, nothing is certain, but, “they’re looking to bring me back in about a month, so they’re putting a pin in me for that. As to how much they want to use me as the whole storyline continues, it depends how the storylines progress.”

Lost fans shouldn’t be expecting the giant to be like Hurley, though. We’ve seen from the promo that he will be very angry and mean, and as Garcia says, “let’s just say the giant isn’t a giant Hurley. It’s a different angle, but it’s cool with me.”

He has also spoken to a number of different outlets about the role, including Yahoo!, where he reveals that the Once Upon a Time giant is “very different” to other versions of the character. “They always like to take something you have preconceived notions of and skew them into a different direction, and this is no different than that,” Garcia explains.

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