Monday, September 17, 2012

Robert Pattinson gets the private jet treatment

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Robert Pattinson seems to be the more important star of the Twilight franchise.

The actor will travel around the world on a private jet to promote their final film while his ex Kristen Stewart will be travelling first class on commercial flights.

Producers are allegedly so keen to keep the two stars apart that Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen, will sit next to Pattinson to answer questions from the press.

A source at global distributors Summit Entertainment told the Daily Star Sunday: “Kristen is now viewed as a wild card whose reputation might affect any of the red carpet events being planned.”

As well as attending premieres and press conferences the cast are also expected to go to a series of Twilight extravaganzas in America.

The studio’s plans seem to put an end to rumours that Robert and Kristen have patched up their differences and reunited.

A source said: “Given the relationship problems between Robert and Kristen, it has been decided they should travel separately.

“While I’m sure the media and maybe even some fans might want to see an emotional outburst, we most definitely do not.”


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