Thursday, September 13, 2012

Michael Fassbender covers Esquire Russia September 2012

Via Glooce

BEST INTERVIEWS are the ones, where you don't have to sell anything.

WHEN I WAS AROUND 17 YEARS OLD I THOUGHT: "Should i be a lawyer?" But i forgot about that idea quickly. I'm a really slow reader. Who needs a lawyer who moves his finger around the page?

WHEN I APPEARED NAKED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA, i did it for my mother. I remember she always said: "That's such a bullshit. Women walk around on screen naked, but men are always wearing pants". So, mother, keep in mind: it's all for you

I REMEMBER HOW IN THE BEGINNING MY SISTER ALWAYS PESTERED ME: "You're always dying in your movies". What could i say to her? You know, i said, you need to start with something

WITH BLOOD LIKE MINE, i would've become a schizophrenic long time ago. My german side always wants to take control over everything, and my irish side in always tries to break free and get drunk

WE LIVE IN TERRIBLE TIMES. No one is listening to Metallica during the dinner anymore

EVERYONE AROUND US ARE CRAZY, EVERYONE. And those who think they're not crazy, they're even more crazy because they're doing the craziest thing in the world - denying that they're crazy.

IT'S SO HARD TO JUST SIT AND WRITE A GOOD SCRIPT. It's so easy to sit and criticize everything.

TARANTINO feeds on movies, breathes movies and lives thanks to them. It can be whatever, even some sweden shit from 1963s, but you show it to him and he says: "Yeah, dude, of course, i've seen it"

FILMING OF "X MEN" didn't pass by me just like that. For example, i've learnt to bend metal with just my stare but yeah it took some time.

IN MY EYES porn always looked like terrible reversion. I just don't get how porn even exist in the world where everything became more easy and accessible. If you want to go somewhere, you just turn on you computer, buy tickets and go to the airport. It so easy to go places for food and drinks, to fuck someone these days and when you found out that around 24 million of people only in USA are obsessed with porn.

I LOVE WRINKLES ON MY FOREHEAD because they are my life. This one is from my ex-girlfriend who broke my heart. Why would i want to leave it behind?

MY LONDON APARTMENT is really small and the only thing i keep on dreaming is a spiral stairs. Yes, it'll be just ending in my ceiling but i will always feel like there's someone in there above me.

IF I'M GOING DANCING, then i'm going dancing, i'm not going to just shift from foot to foot.

I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND why people make movies.

EAT SARDINES guys. They say there's calcium in them.

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