Friday, September 7, 2012

Celebrities react to Barack Obama's speech

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Those already all aflutter on Twitter about Obama's choice of narrator were not disappointed when it came to the main event—Obama's impassioned speech, in which he officially accepted his party's nomination for president of the United States.

"North Carolina!!! C'mon and raise up. Take your shirt off, twist it 'round yo head. Spin it like a helicopter. Here We Go! BARACK OBAMA #DNC," raved Chris Rock as the speech got under way. He followed later with, "Mitt Romney is at home wondering how in the world he's going to debate Obama. No teleprompter there to save you Mitt. #Forward2012 #DNC."

"Dear future hubby you MUST look at me the way our president @BarackObama looks SO deep into his queen's @MichelleObama eyes. Yourz Truly!" tweeted a smitten Taraji P. Henson.

Many of Obama's celebrity supporters were content to quote lines from his speech, perhaps the most popular being, "I have changed. I'm no longer just a candidate— I'm the President!"

"Why don't you let that marinate for a minute, Mitt," Rock wrote in quoting the line.
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"Watching @BarackObama love seeing black love ... Ain't it beautiful," tweeted Marlon Wayans. "@BarackObama got swag."

"Obama has a way of clowning the 'other' party & their ideals with nothing but common sense. Realness," Keri Hilson wrote.

"'Ryan! Upload my oratory program and attach my buzz saw hand!' -- Romney, watching Obama right now #DNC," cracked Patton Oswalt, once of the many celebs weighing in tonight who also raved about the speech Bill Clinton gave last night.

In response to a Kat Denning tweet in which she admitted to crying during Obama's address, Oswalt deadpanned back, "@OfficialKat: So I'm crying watching Obama's speech SUE ME // Me too, but it's because I sat on my balls."

Also to Denning, Eric Balfour admitted: "I'm right there with you... What an incredible man and leader!"

Oswalt also tweeted: "Daaaamn. Obama just simultaneously Denzel'd, McQueen'd & Jagger'd. #imthepresident #DNC."

"Way to pander to heart transplant recipients, Obama! #dnc," Michael Ian Black tweeted, joking about Obama's defense of universal health care.

"Game. Set. Match.> #POTUS Obama: 'You might not be ready for Beijing if you can't visit the Olympics without insulting our closest ally,'" offered Star Jones, who also quoted Obama.

"Mopping the floor with the GOP! Mr. Obama tells us what we need to know!" tweeted Bette Midler.

"I can't help it I believe what Obama believes," tweeted Bob Balaban. "I don't think it's empty rhetoric. He may not b perfect but I think we need this man. Sue me."

"Orioles. Obama. O yeah," Josh Charles tweeted appreciatively. "Amen Obama, Amen!!!" echoed Keyshia Cole.

Chelsea Handler tweeted a pic of her dog, Chunk, watching Obama speak.

"PREACH IT!" exclaimed Andy Cohen. And, "on another note I have that same tie. (Ralph Lauren Black Label) yet ANOTHER thing Obama and I have in common."

Of course, not everyone was a fan. (And Clint Eastwood isn't on Twitter.)

"Well in 2008 we voted for change & we got it. Higher unemployment +2%, highest debt & most new debt ever, higher gas prices. Keep it up!!!" opined Donald Trump Jr.
But what does it all mean?

"Summary of all our Tweets: Dems: 'Obama still rocks and tells the truth!' GOPers: 'Obama still sucks and he lies!' #statusquo," film critic Richard Roeper tweeted helpfully.


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