Thursday, August 30, 2012

New MTV reality show features Sexy Latin High Schoolers-Video+ Bikini and Shirtless pictures



MTV docu-series, which follows a group of high schoolers in the same circle of friends.

The brand new show Mi Vida en Sayulita, centering around a group kids living it up in in a tropical paradise, is quickly taking the Latin America market by storm. The show will be premiering on MTV Tr3s in the Fall.

Fashion, hot guys, and beach all year long: Latin America Reality takes off!

“You don’t need a record label anymore to get your music out there, or a tv network to make a show famous…what’s good is good and everyone wants it” says Camila Gangoiti, star on the show, who also is a writer for the Seventeen Magazine column “Mi Vida”.

Also in the cast are Jorman Diaz, Courtney Kitt, Ines Gabriela, Esteban Said, Aranza Carreiro and more.

“They are very positive, and when they want something, they want it ‘now’.” creator Luis Hecht said about the generational demand for interesting television content. 

Source S2

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