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Liam Hemsworth: InStyle Interview

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Known for playing sensitive good guys in The Hunger Games and The Last Song (where he met his fiancée Miley Cyrus), the youngest Hemsworth is looking to challenge his brother Chris- aka Thor- for action hero primacy. As an ex-sniper who goes by the name of Billy the Kid, Hemsworth joins the grizzled mercenary crew reuniting fo this months Expendables 2. The combat newbie is in good hands, rubbing shoulders with a cast of experienced skull-crackers like Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone. 

InStyle: You moved to L.A. from Australia three years ago. What’s one of your favorite things about America?

Liam: Southern accents. Whenever I go to Nashville or am around my fiancée’s family, I just end up talking like them. I love the South in general. There’s a lot of deep fried food, and the people really remind me of Australians- very laid back.

InStyle: A buff action star who chows down on fried food?! what else do you eat?

Well, if I’m losing or gaining weight for a role, I try to stick to a Paleo diet- meat, vegetables, and fruit, nothing processed- and adjust the amounts. Othewise, when I’m in New York, all I can think about is pepperoni pizza. I love the New York-style thin crust. I don’t cook that much anymore, but I like doing stir-fries and pastas, or I’ll coat shrimp with shredded coconut and fry them in coconut oil. 

InStyle: Again with the frying!

Liam: I cook a bunch of things in coconut oil. I feel it’s healthier than other oils. I’d never seen it until I got to the U.S.

InStyle: You’re an amateur chef- a girl’s dream. Describe your ideal woman.

Liam: My fiancée. She’s extremely happy and has a sense of humor about life. And she has taught me you can step back and not take everything so seriously. Happy, positive, fun- those qualities are good in anyone.

InStyle: Speaking of Miley, does she ever weigh in on your wardrobe?

Liam: She doesn’t care. My style is very inconsistent. One day, I’ll put together a cool outfit, and the next, I’ll look like a homeless person. Mostly I’m a T-Shirt and jeans- Levis or Nudie. I purchased a couple of Converse hoodies the other day. They make really good, soft cotton sweaters. But I stole this Vince shirt from the [wardrobe racks on the] InStyle shoot.

InStyle: Um, moving on. I see you have a fuchsia iPhone case.

Liam: Thank you for noticing. I had a leather one, but it fell apart. I found this at home. Yes, I have a pink iPhone. And yes, my friends make fun of me.

InStyle: What music is on there?

Liam: I like ‘60’s, ‘70’s, ‘80’s rock. I’ve been listening to “Head Over Heels” by Tears for Fears nonstop. I’ll sing along as well [laughs]. Rod Stewart, Zac Brown- have you heard of Matisyahu? He’s got a great song called “One Day.” And I love Nirvana. I play Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” when I have a cry.

InStyle: Stallone is one of your co-stars. Ever sing the Rocky theme?

Liam: “Eye of the Tiger”? [Laughs] All the time. That’s the only thing I listen to when I box.

InStyle: How did the Expendables 2 cast treat the new guy?

Liam: As a young actor, it was pretty daunting to go on set, but I loved hanging out with the guys. They’ve done so many movies and they’re all friends. They’re also all ridiculously fit. Randy Couture is a UFC fighter and Jason Statham is…Jason Statham. I thought since my character is the young one, he’s supposed to be in better shape then the rest. But I felt like I was the weak link.

InStyle: Well, as the team’s sharp-shooter, at least you get to carry a huge gun. How’s your aim in real life?

Liam: Straight, but those 50-caliber sniper rifles weigh about 40 pounds! I did a bit of training with a gun specialist, but I don’t actually want to kill anything.

InStyle: Your brother Chris plays Thor. In a smack down between him and Billy the Kid, who would win?

Liam: Thor’s a God. You can never beat a God, no matter how big your gun is.

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What Women Have To Say On Liam

Melissa George [Co-Star in Triangle]: ‘I knew Liam was going to be a big star from the first day I worked with him. Not only is he a great actor, he’s easy to get along with. No matter how difficult the scenes were he was willing to stay longer and make them perfect.’

Jennifer Lawrence [Co-Star in The Hunger Games]: ‘Liam is laid-back, honest, and hilarious. He has an effortless, masculine chic-he can look just as cool in jeans and a T-Shirt as he does in a suit.’

Teresa Palmer [Co-Star in Love and Honor]: Liam is the definition of what a movie star should be. He has such a warm, generous, open energy and boundless talent and charisma, making him a natural leader. It’s truly rare to find someone who has his level of success and is still so eager to learn.”

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Hemsworth talks about life as half of a hot Hollywood couple, from choosing what to wear to parenting a pet.

On the red carpet, matching outfits are purely coincidental for this duo. “We don’t usually coordinate,” he says “and I think people usually get sick of seeing black. Still, I loved when we both ended up in all black [Dolce & Gabbana for him, Pucci for her.] at The Hunger Games premiere in L.A.”

It’s not just his wife-to-be’s black-tie ensembles that get this actor’s thumbs up. He’s equally complimentary of Cyrus’ off duty attire. “Miley switches up her style all the time,” he says. “Whether it’s a nice dress or a ripped T-Shirt, she always looks good in what she’s wearing.”

For Hemsworth’s 22nd birthday in January, Cyrus gave the longtime pooch fanatic an English Bulldog puppy named Ziggy. “We always had pet dogs when I was growing up,” Hemsworth explains. “And I love English Bulldogs.”

Plus stills from new film 'Love & Honor'

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