Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Wanted Skyrockets to Top 5 on Itunes!!!

The Wanted Call 'Glee' Cover 'Surreal'

Tom Parker tells MTV News that having 'Glad You Came' on Fox show 'was absolutely great.'

When artists hear that they're getting the "Glee" treatment, the news is met with excitement or disdain(you know, if you're the Foo Fighters or Kings of Leon). So when British boy band the Wanted got the call that their single "Glad You Came" was getting covered on the show this week, bandmate Tom Parker explains that they fell stoutly into category #1.

"I thought it was absolutely great, and it was the first time I had seen a dance routine put to the song,"he laughed to MTV News on Wednesday morning (February 22)."So it was really strange actually, 'cause obviously we don't dance. I rang up the boys, like, 'Boys, maybe we should start dancing because actually it looks really good.'

"[Our manager] Scooter [Braun] rang us up, and he was like, 'So your song's going to be covered by 'Glee,' ' and if you could have measured the level of noise in the car at that very time, some might call it deafening, we were screaming so loud,"he continued. "I couldn't even believe it. It's an honor really to do something like that. I think it represents [that] the song's a really good song. To be honest, it's all a bit surreal."

The episode itself touched on some very serious topics, including teen suicide and bullying. The song was performed by the Warblers during Regionals, one of the more joyous moments this week.

And while Parker has yet to see it, from what he heard of the show, he can assume it was "quite action-packed."Parker missed the episode because he and the guys are busy on an arena tour in their native U.K. and Europe.

"You know, I have not seen it yet because we were coming back from France doing some promo," he said. "But I saw the Fox tweet [with] the link to the episode, so I saw the routine."

The song's inclusion on the show proves that the Wanted, who just wrapped up their first-ever U.S. tour, are certainly making an impact Stateside. And that works for Parker and his bandmates. "We always [had] that aim to go and do it in America," he said.

"Glad You Came" is the band's current U.S. single. It appears on their album Battleground.


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