Monday, November 8, 2010

Miles O'Keeffe shirtless in Tarzan

Miles O'Keeffe

1980s Long-Haired Movie Star Hunk

Miles O’Keeffe was born in Ripley, Tennessee. where he was a star football athlete.
Although O’Keeffe is known for his big break as Tarzan, he is also remembered for his performances in the title role of the first three Ator sword and sorcery films produced in Europe in the 1980s.
O’Keeffe broad shoulders, strong arms and legs, developed torso and six pack abs were proportioned to give him a body of exceptional beauty. His poster was a popular item in the 1980s.
Miles OKeeffe 1980s Hunk
Miles OKeeffe Actor Bikini Photograph
Miles OKeeffe Long Haired Actor
Miles OKeeffe Sexy Body
Miles OKeeffe Shirtless Actor Photograph
Miles OKeeffe Tarzan Actor
Miles OKeefe Tarzan Half Naked Photograph
Miles OKeefe Tarzan Loincloth

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